Doctor's Weight Loss takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss. This website is your one-stop-shop for all things diet. We have a variety of brands to suit all needs and tastes, including our three flagship brands—NutriWise, Protiwise, and BestMed Weight Loss. We also have an array of pre-made and customizable meal plans to get you on the fast-track to your goals. 

Not only do we supply high-quality, medical grade weight loss supplements, we are here to give you professional counseling as well. We offer a variety of options to speak with our Health Coaches, Nutritionists and Doctors so there is no guess work standing between you and your health. Our medical staff can help you pinpoint the best products for your specific needs, as well as create custom meal plans and even grocery lists so you know exactly what steps to take for success!

Maintain 1000-1800 calorie diet by replacing unhealthy food options with our medical grade diet supplements

Our medical staff members are certified professionals who can give you unbiased advice on reaching your goals

Use our supplements every 3 hours to sustain maximum metabolic functions through high protein intake

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1 Diet Shake OR High 

Protein Breakfast


1 High Protein Bar, 1 Fruit


1 Meal Replacement, Lite 

Entree or Soup


1 High protein Bar OR Healthy Protein Snack


1 6oz Protein Serving, 2 Cups Vegetables


1 High Protein Dessert

We have all of the products and support you need to succeed.  

Our medical weight loss foods not only provide an effective way to lose weight, they also are very tasty! Eating these meals does not feel like a chore or punishment - you will enjoy supplementing your diet with our healthy meal. 

We have a huge variety of food types and flavors to suit every palate and provide a sustainable, affordable diet. Don't wait to start the journey to a happier, healthier you. Success is right around the corner!


APPETITE: Appetite suppression and an increased feeling of fullness are natural results of consuming a high protein diet. Lose weight by eating less without feeling tired! 

METABOLISM: Protein increases metabolic rate by nearly twice as much compared to a low protein.

BODY COMPOSITION: Protein promotes muscle repair which allows the body to keep its' metabolic rate high and burn fat at a rapid speed.


Choose a Meal Plan

  • Many varieties to choose from

  • Fully customizable

  • Easiest way to get started

  • HUNDREDS less than other brands

  • IP Alternative plan available

  • Intro, Core, & Complete plans

Talk to an Expert

  • Speak with a Health Coach, Nutritionist or Doctor

  • One-on-one goal analysis

  • Private face-to-face Zoom meeting

  • YOU set the appointment date and time

  • Professional and tailored diet advice

  • If you're not sure where to start, this is for you!